Hello from Miles + Sarah

I (Sarah), am the oldest daughter of Dan and Melissa and have been photographing weddings with them since I was eleven years old. The last three years I have had the incredible opportunity to shoot over 30 weddings as lead photographer. Miles has been accompanying me for two of these years at wedding and portraits. Together we will be booking weddings as associate photographers through Dan and Melissa. We are so excited to be stepping into a more active role as Dan and Melissa take on a less active role in order to pour more into Mundos Roasting & Co. We cannot wait to meet all you face to face this year!

Take some time to explore our photography and let us know what you think. If these images make you feel something then maybe we are the right fit for you!

Real Life and Stuff

The Real You

Nice to Meet You!

At the root of it all, our souls thrive on the stories of everyday life and love. Each minute detail, each laugh, each smile, each kiss, each cry--a thousand words exchanged in only a glance--they all add up, weaving and intertwining with the people we meet, the love we share. These precious moments, they are you.


Raindrops catching on the lace of your dress or sunset hues painting your lover and you gold. But also deep laughter, tears of joy, messy hair, wild dancing.

There is so much to experience on your wedding day. So much to live in these moments. But the moments are fleeting and as much as you want the hold onto them, the day will be over before you know it.


It is why we are so passionate about capturing your love story organically, as it unfolds, for every candid moment you witness and some you won’t even know happened, and it’s why trusting us completely to navigate the day is so important.


Because these moments are fleeting, it is oh so important to be present while they last.


And that is what we strive to accomplish.


So take a deep breath, trust us, and live in your day.


This is your story and we are honored to help you remember it.



Miles and Sarah


The Portfolio

Our Images

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but my heart”