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Miles and Sarah are currently booking and photographing weddings as associate photographers for Dan and Melissa

Miles and Sarah Photographers

Images by Jack Clark

He is the Gilbert Blythe to my Anne Shirley. The handsome, chivalrous, genteel, kind-mannered, patient best friend and lover to my flower-loving, creative writing, romantic dreaming, whimsical, sometimes feisty personality.

Miles and Sarah photography

I’m a Traverse City local, born and raised. After living in France for two years, he moved to Traverse City and it was in this beautiful city we first met. You can imagine just how dear Northern Michigan is to us in her raw beauty and sentiment. We love hiking, exploring the quirks of our surrounding cities, but we dream of someday traveling the country together in a cute little bus. We have a few overseas dream destinations too, including France of course, but I personally cannot wait to visit Ireland–it has been at the top of my list for as long as I can remember. Besides photography, we enjoy ultimate frisbee, hiking, singing together (but never ask us to sing in public–there is a reason we are not in the music industry), old movies, cooking, reading, and quality time. We love finding new places and especially ones that serve really great food or really great coffee. We may have a few favorite recommendations for you when you visit. We love Jesus, our church, and our Traverse City community.

Miles and Sarah

We were created by a creative Creator and therefore we believe it is in our hearts to create.

About Sarah

Sarah Clark

Image by Miles Eastman

I am a little awkward in real life and sometimes communicate better through writing. But let’s be honest, who isn’t a little awkward? I’m learning to embrace the genuine quirks that make up who I am.

I always accept the challenge of eating with chopsticks, though how long I last is dependent on the level of my hunger. My favorite food is potatoes in almost every way, shape, and form, with the exception of potato salad and plain potato chips. Give me a bag of salt and vinegar and I’ll be set for days.

I favor fashion over function and struggle with the balance sometimes. I am a major thrifter and brag my favorite pair of shoes being only three dollars. I enjoy both fashion and interior design and had the honor of designing my family’s coffee shop. I prefer coffee over tea, and savory over sweet.

Sarah Photographer

Image by Miles Eastman

I love hugs, handwritten letters, and bouquets and bouquets of sweet-smelling flowers–my favorites are lilacs and peonies, both conveniently blooming in my birthday month. Although June holds a special place in my heart, rainy Autumn days are my favorite.

I laugh a lot. However, I tend to be the more serious, emotional half, while Miles tends to be more goofy and light-hearted. We balance each other out.

I like things that make me feel; like misty morning sunrises, baby laughter, sad movies, a good book, string instruments, and love. I dream of being an author someday and love stories are my favorite. Which leads me to wedding photography; I am passionate about visually telling the unique love stories of each of my couples. I am so excited to get to know you more.

Image by Jack Clark

About Miles

Miles Eastman

Image by Sarah Clark

Talking about myself is not my strong suit. I like to be in the background and it takes a little for me to open up but once I do, I can be quite the character. I’m a bit of a dork but I’m okay with that.  

I like laughing and making others laugh. I like to read and play chess, both accompanied by hot cocoa and the latter against good company, namely Sarah.

Being classy is cool. Bowties are too. In my opinion, suspenders are the best and the most stylish way to keep your pants up.

Miles Photographer

Image by Sarah Clark

Starry nights and long conversations are my thing. I love the sound of rain, rivers, and crickets. I like to observe and listen. Long walks in the woods are the best time to think. I like my winters white and my coffee black. I have a better imagination than I do memory.

I like to sing but I’m just okay at it. It’s freeing and it makes me feel. Good photography does the same. You look at a photo and it makes you feel. It brings you back to a specific moment in time. You feel the emotions of the people captured. That is why I am a photographer and what I hope to do for you.

Sarah and Miles Photographers

Image by Jack Clark

We love making new friends and we are so happy you are here.