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About Us | Dan and Melissa

Dan and Melissa

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We love people.  We love love.  We love people in love.  We love capturing love.  We love being around people in love.  We love celebrating marriage.  We absolutely LOVE capturing those amazing moments during the wedding day. We would really love to meet you.  It’s not just about capturing award winning images, it’s about creating an amazing experience for you.  Combining our creative vision with your personality is why we love doing what we do.

About Us

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We are Dan and Melissa Clark, wedding photographers.  We each have different visions and strengths.  Dan loves the technical and lighting side, so we have all that covered.  Melissa loves the artsy fartsy side so we have all that covered, too. We are always working to produce images that you will love.

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Image by Jack Clark

Something About Melissa

I am a bit of a vintage freak who loves to smell books and stare out the window on a windy day.  I ramble…a lot, love Jesus, love being a mother and wife, love reading, and am a Jane Austen junkie who totally digs romance and romantic comedies.  I hate folding socks and have my “own way” of organizing, which Dan says can be a bit messy.  I love to laugh and like surrounding myself with hilarious people.  I am a bit quirky.  I absolutely love people and capturing their personality. I view photography as art and see things from a unique perspective.  My love for photography is what keeps me going in this business.

About Us

Image by Sarah and Jane

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Something About Dan

I love Melissa. She is an amazing wife and mother.  I love my kids.  They make me so happy.  I love Jesus, He is the reason I live, breathe, love, grow, create and have hope.  I love traveling.  Road trips out west are one of my favorite things in life.   I love delicious food.  I don’t think there will be mushrooms or venison in heaven.  I love photography.  I love growing and learning new things.

Dan and Melissa

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About us as Wedding Photographers and as a Couple

Melissa was born and grew up in California.  Dan was born in Michigan, but has lived all over the country.

We met in Tennessee and got married when we were young.  A couple years later we started having kids every two years for a decade.  Now we live in Traverse City with our five children.  Sarah & Adam (our two oldest) often help out at weddings.  Because we are married we understand the challenges and great benefits that come with working together as husband/wife duo.  We have been blessed with a successful career and a great marriage.  We want to spread the joy and encourage others in their marriages.  We become great friends with our couples and create an unforgettable experience, and of course, you will have the pictures to prove it.

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