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Wedding Photographers, Dan and Melissa. We love celebrating weddings and capturing the details and moments that make your day so special. We don’t just strive to create amazing artwork, we want to provide an unforgettable experience. We absolutely LOVE getting to know our couples and building lasting friendships. We don’t book weddings with just anyone who wants to pay a retainer. We want to make certain that we are the right wedding photographers for you. If you are totally traditional and like a bunch of formally posed wedding pictures and no fun, laughing, loving, giggling, romantic, candid, joyful, goofing off photos we may not be the right photographers for you. Don’t get us wrong, we always grab a few formal shots, but that is not what we are all about. As your wedding photographers we want to celebrate with you and join in all those great moments. We are always on the lookout for memorable moments. The loving touch, the flirtatious smirk, the romantic stare, the heartfelt kiss, the emotional tears, those are the beautiful moments we are always looking for. If we were loud and belligerent, always telling you what to do we wouldn’t get to see any of the real you. We LOVE the real you, so we want to get to know you and be awesome friends. Then it seems like we are just old friends hanging out snapping a few shots on your wedding day (even though there’s a lot more to it than that).

Recent Weddings and Engagements

Matthew and Angela | Traverse City Wedding by Sarah + Jane

Matthew and Angela | Traverse City Wedding by Sarah + Jane ‘Kiss me gently as the sky fades away.’ The entire day was eclipsed in an overall ethereal flush, but the pinnacle: that evening.  The scene of two lovers underneath a rosy blushView full post »

Erik and Ashley

‘And in this wide, wide world, there’s no one I’d rather be with… than you.’ “Erik and I are High School Sweethearts <3 We have been together since December 2008 and we are BEYOND excited to finally be joinedView full post »

Black Star Farms Vineyard

Braden and Leslie | Black Star Farms Wedding

“Live with Promise Love with Passion Laugh with Pleasure.”       Leslie, an ER nurse, first met Braden while he was in the ER doing his clinical portion of his SOCM training. He introduced himself to her at least 5View full post »

in love

Elliot and Cindy | Watervale Inn Wedding

Elliot and Cindy | Watervale Inn Wedding There was a pretty bad storm rolling in on the day Cindy and Elliot got married.  The wind was angry and the rain pounded on the windows.  Nestled safely inside a warm house filled with love and the hustleView full post »

Chuck and Katie | Fountain Point Wedding by Sarah + Jane

Chuck and Katie’s Fountain Point Wedding by Sarah + Jane   At a beautiful lakeside resort surrounded by all their beloved friends and family, Chuck and Katie were wed.  These two were so in love and so ready to be married. Katie literallyView full post »

Dan and Liz in love

Dan and Liz | Dune Climb Engagement Session

Dan and Liz’s Dune Climb Engagement Session was totally worth the time it took to scale the sandy wall.     “Well, it has become wilding impossible not to be in love with you.”View full post »

Kyle and Ellen | Glen Haven Engagement Session

Kyle and Ellen | Glen Haven Engagement Session Kyle and Ellen are two puzzle pieces that fit together seamlessly.  They just do.  They are each other’s world of happiness! “It turns out I’m absolutely terrible at staying away from you.View full post »

Kevin and Jen | Frankfort MI Wedding

Kevin and Jen’s Frankfort MI Wedding: But first, a bit:  “I (Kevin) had just moved to Northern Michigan, Lake City. I had gotten involved in a small group through a church which planted me smack dab into the middle of a table full ofView full post »

Euan and Amanda | Arcadia Bluffs Wedding

Images by Dan and Melissa   We had the insane privilege of photographing Euan and Amanda’s romantic engagement session last January, in the city they call home–San Francisco, California.  Amanda grew up visiting Northern MichiganView full post »

Kane and Emily | Garvey Barn Wedding

Images by Dan and Melissa   We were together. I forgot the rest…~Walt Whitman “We first met at Michigan tech just weeks before Kane graduated at a porch cookout hosted by my roommates and I. We started talking and the rest is history-View full post »

Our Experience With Our Wedding Photographers

On our wedding day our wedding photographer made us very uncomfortable. He was very unprofessional and didn’t show up on time.  He was really overbearing and gloomy.  It probably didn’t help he was a homicide detective during the week and a wedding photographer on the weekends.  He was investigating a murder late the night before our wedding (probably why he was gloomy).  He tried to control everything rather than just celebrating with us.  We are NOT like that at all!   We love to have a blast and laugh with our couples.  We are there to celebrate your wedding day with you and we want it to be even more fun because we are there.

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