Ten Minute Rule

The Ten Minute Rule

If you are more traditional and are not interested in a First Look then the 10 Minute Rule is an absolute must!  Trust us, you can always thank us later.

Have you ever had that moment at the end of the day when you finally get the time to sit down and process what happened, only to remember it all was a whirlwind of being rushed from one thing to the next?  Now imagine this happening at the end of your wedding day and trying to recall how it all went down. Of Course you’re super happy, you’ve married your soulmate. Awesome! But what about that amazing moment, the moment when it sinks in, you totally just got MARRIED?

So what is The 10 minute Rule you ask?

Ten Minute Rule

Immediately following the wedding ceremony you take ten minutes all to yourselves. You literally walk down the aisle where we will meet and guide you to a sweet location we have predetermined. (We will scout out the place beforehand looking for the greatest location and lighting).  After we’ve gotten you quietly away from your guests, we step back and shoot with long lenses while you get to enjoy that “Holy Crap, we’re actually MARRIED” feeling!!

Sarah and Miles Ten Minute Rule

We are passionate about this rule because it’s a great way for us to give our couples ten minutes you won’t ever forget. Because here’s the deal otherwise:  You blissfully stare into one another’s eyes as you share your vows, fighting away tears, then finally you are pronounced husband and wife. YES!! You are actually married after planning for months, this is it.  You have butterflies as you kiss for the first time as the new Mr. and Mrs. and then….? What, then? Right away you are hurried into a receiving line and have hundreds of people congratulating you. You greet your guests one at a time, but it keeps going from there.. It’s a steady go, go, go….then you’re off with your amazing :) photographer having your portraits made and you never have that moment alone when you get to look each other in the eye and say, “Holy Crap, we’re totally married, we’re really married!” Sure, you are still super happy throughout the rest of the day but you never get those first few minutes back. So this is our way of preserving that for you. And the images created during those ten minutes are  and some of the most emotional and real images of your wedding day.

Alex and Annie Ten Minute Rule