How We Roll – Wedding Style

How we Roll

Up Until the Big Day

First off, it is a huge honor and amazing privilege to be a part of your wedding day.  It is a great joy for us to celebrate such an important day with you.  We do just that, CELEBRATE with you.  If you don’t plan on laughing and enjoying your wedding day, we probably are not the right photographers for you.  So, we want to take this opportunity to explain How We Roll as Wedding Photographers.

Once you make the decision to have us photograph your wedding (we’ll do a little happy dance) and we dot our i’s and cross our t’s, then the real fun begins.  We want to hear your thoughts, ideas and dreams.  We like to keep the conversation going with our couples, so we love your phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, texts, and any other way there is to contact us. All those amazing details that you are stoked about, well we are stoked about them too.  Never feel like you are annoying us, we LOVE to hear from you.

We will send you a questionnaire (you’ll love it) a couple months before your wedding, where we’ll ask you all the specifics about your day.  This, along with conversations with you, helps us build a timeline for the photography on your wedding day.  Once we have that all taken care of, we’re prepared and looking ahead to the big day!

Engagement (Getting to know you) Session


It is so important to get to know your wedding photographers before your wedding day.  We highly encourage all our couples to take advantage of an engagement session.  There are so many benefits people normally don’t think about.

Getting to know how we roll with posing will help you stay chill on your wedding day. We want you to be extremely comfortable with how we work.  We totally get the anxiety some folks feel being in front of the lens of someone you just met.  We are there to make you feel at ease, because we are just friends hanging out.  We always see everybody relax after the session starts and by the time it’s over we are almost always laughing and having a blast together.  Think of your engagement session as a warm-up to your wedding day.  It allows you to get rid of the the butterflies and feel really comfortable with us on your wedding day.  Besides, you will have enough other, more important things, to think about.  Also, we want you to see how beautiful you look in our photographs and totally trust our ideas and direction.  Selfishly, we want to get to know you better.  It helps us to be better at our jobs.  The more we understand your love for each other, the better we can capture it.  We just want to get to know you and you us :) This helps you trust us!  Plus, with an engagement session you will have more fabulous photos of the two of you!


The Big Day

The Big Day

Most of the time we will meet you where you will be getting your final touches done.  We will shoot those special moments along with the many of the details of the day.  After all that, we encourage a FIRST LOOK for couples that do not mind seeing each other before the ceremony.  This lets you have those first amazing moments of seeing each other in private.  Sometimes, it also allows us to capture creative bride and groom portraits before the ceremony, so you can get along to your reception sooner.


The First Look

The First Look



The Ceremony





We are discrete during the wedding ceremony.  We shoot the whole ceremony and we pay special attention to those emotional moments (mom or dad crying, groom seeing his bride coming down the aisle, the first kiss,etc.).  Right after the ceremony we highly encourage you to take advantage of the 10-MINUTE RULE, especially if you have not chosen a FIRST LOOK.  After that we usually rock out the family portraits based on the list you give us (also in the questionnaire).  It’s a great idea to have a friend or family member point out the all right folks (because we won’t know who most of these people are :)). We normally choose an area close to the ceremony to for these shots, then grandpa can go nap and everybody else can head to the reception.



The Bridal Party

The Bridal Party

If we didn’t already shoot the bridal party, that’s next.  We spend a bit of time with the bride and groom (our favorite) to create some dramatic portraits also getting the lovey-dovey stuff.  We’re always watching for those great candid moments.

Creative Bride and Groom Portraits

Bride and Groom Portraits

Bride and Groom




 The Reception

Wedding Reception

Now it’s time to get the party going.  We know, you’re starving (we are too), so we move on over to the reception.  We shoot all the important stuff there too (being announced in, first dance, cake cutting, toasts, etc.) AND if we get a wild hair (and you’re up for it) we may steal the bride and groom out for a few more shots.

Fun Wedding Reception

We head out when we get bored  after all the necessary events have been photographed ;)

Your finalized images will be be ready for viewing within 14 days of your wedding.  We’ll shoot you an email with the details.

Also, we will send you a Flash Drive with your finalized high resolution images and a print release.   We want you get prints through us to make sure they look great, but you can totally print your photos wherever you want (we’ll even give you a great lab recommendation).

If you like the sound of it all, give us a call 231.421.5000 or CONTACT US

Not quite sure yet?  More questions?  We may have the answers:  Wedding FAQ

 How We Roll – Wedding Style