Weddings Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have photos of full real weddings that I can see?

For sure, CONTACT US  and we will hook you up with lots of complete weddings we have photographed.

Do you have references I can call?

Absolutely!  Our couples would love to explain to you how it all goes down.

Will you be the one photographing my wedding?

Dan and Melissa almost always photograph weddings together.  However, once in a great while one of us is not able to be there.  If that happens we call on one of our super talented photographer friends to shoot with us.  Dan or Melissa will be there to shoot every single wedding.

When will my photos and wedding album be available?

We will have your wedding images ready for viewing within 30 days of your wedding.  You, family, or friends may order artwork or prints at that time.   Also, if you choose to order an album our custom design will be ready for you to proof within 30 days.

How many pictures do you normally take?

On Average, we will have 2000-4000 photographs after the wedding day.  Once we take out all the ones when you are blinking and choose the absolute best ones we are around 400-700 images.

If you die or something tragic happens, who will photograph my wedding?

Neither of us have ever missed a wedding.  But, if that were to happen, we have the most amazingly talented photographer pals who we are able to call on if something unexpected were to happen.  Of course, we can’t call anyone if we die (one of our super assistants would make the actual call). ;)

Can I see what a contract looks like?

Definitely!   CONTACT US and we will hook you up.

What’s so great about a “First Look”?

Take a LOOK ;)  Look is a weird word. Especially when you LOOK at it a lot.  Go ahead, try it.  LOOK, LOOK, LOOK, LOOK, LOOK.  It looks like it should say “Luke” now.

What is the 10-minute rule?


Do you have insurance?

Yes. We have a comprehensive liability insurance policy through State Farm.

What cameras do you use? What if one of your cameras blows up or malfunctions?

We use top of the line Canon Professional Cameras and Lenses.  We keep backups of all our equipment with us on a wedding day.  We keep backups of our backups as well.

How would you describe your photography style?

Now that’s a good question.  I think we would say Enduring and Eclectic.  We want our photography to tell the story of your wedding day, so we approach weddings with a photojournalistic style looking to capture those special moments.  Also, we both LOVE fine-art portraiture and don’t want to miss an opportunity to grab a few amazing shots of the two of you for wall hangers.  We are also shooting your wedding so we can tell that amazing story through a wedding album.  We are both totally rad, down to earth people who like to have laugh a lot and have fun.  We can be a bit unconventional at times and may ask you to do something out of the ordinary, but fear not the end result will be FREAKIN’ AMAZING.

We’re not following the latest fad in photo editing.  We are looking to provide you with images that are timeless in style. We are all about minimal editing and post-processing which ensures a enduring look to your photos, long after today’s photography trends and tastes have moved on to something better.

How do you dress for weddings?

We dress to blend in with your guests.

Do you get mad if I ask for specific shots I would like?

Absolutely not!  We welcome your ideas and thoughts.  We really want to know you and what photos you would love to have.

Is it okay for others take photos while you’re shooting?

Yes.  We encourage friends and family to take photos while we are shooting.  But, they kinda need to not be too distracting and take the attention away from the most important photos (those intended for the bride and groom).

When will you get to my wedding and how long will you stay?

We will send you an extensive questionnaire (you will love it) a couple months before your wedding day that will help us put together a timeline for your day’s photography.  Based on the timeline and conversations with you we will figure out the best time for us to start the day.  We’ll scoot when all the necessary events have been photographed.

When will you give me an official contract?

When you tell us that you are ready to book and you give us all the necessary information for the contract, we will fire it right over.

How much of a retainer do you require and when is it due?

We require a 50% 0f your total investment as a non-refundable retainer to secure your date at the time of booking.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

If for some crazy reason you don’t get married on your reserved date, and you give us enough notice that we are still able to book that date, we will allow you to use that retainer fee towards another open date.

Why are you wedding photographers?

We love people.  We love love.  We love people in love.  We love marriage.  We love celebrating marriage.  We love photography.  We love photographing people in love getting married.  It’s about that simple.

Do you outsource your photo editing?

We edit all of our photos in house.  We do not outsource any of of our image processing.

What’s up with your Wedding Albums?

If you decide to order an album with us you will receive one of the finest hand-crafted albums in the world.  Our wedding albums use true photographic printing on the finest Fuji Crystal Archival paper.  Melissa uniquely designs all of our albums.  She is an incredible designer!  Your wedding album design will be ready to proof within 14 days of your wedding.  You will get access to an online proofing site where you can make comments or suggest changes.  After you’ve approved your album design we will send the design in for print, Which may take a couple weeks to complete (they are hand-crafted after all). :)

What should I expect from you on my wedding day?

That would be a mouthful.  Check THIS out.

How do I book you for my wedding?

That’s Simple!  CONTACT US and we will show you the way from there.


Weddings Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions about weddings or our photography not listed in our Frequently Asked Questions, CONTACT US.  We would love to answer any questions you may have.